About Us

Welcome to Storage Needs!

My name is Aidan and I’m the creator of Storage Needs, your one stop site for all your storage ideas, storage product reviews, and a place to help you organise you home, business, car and more.

So about a year ago, my family and I decided it was time to move and as you know, moving is stressful.

However, there was one thing that we were certain of. At the new house there was no way we were going to live in such a cluttered manor.…In today’s world where we have so much stuff it was important for us to not only declutter, but to live in a much more organised way. 

Well, we just made the move and since then we have been on a mission to find clever storage solutions not only for our home, but for our business too. Now we are looking for clever ways of storing everything from Kayaks to cutlery for our home and printers to paperclips for our business.

We will be considering both off the shelf options, some clever D.I.Y solutions that will help us to live a more organised life. My goal for the site is to share what we learn as we go through this  journey and hopefully you will find some things that might help you too.

Hopefully some of what we share will inspire you to organise your lives better and our reviews will help you to make a more informed decision with any purchases you may be considering.

When I’m not working on this project you’ll find me being a Dad, a Husband and the best dog walker there has ever been.